Who, What, Why...

Who, What, Why...

Hi. I'm Gretchen, creator and curator of Solstice Gifts & Decor. The picture is me on Samhain (Halloween) 2021. I chose this picture because it depicts my true spirit (I only wear horns on Samhain). I was born with an 8th house Moon in Cancer and Scorpio Ascendant strongly affecting a Libra Sun. I LOVE dark interiors, all things celestial, crystals, magic, the ancient world, myth/lore... And I know there are millions of people just like me (well, similar anyway) around the world that love all things dark and witchy, also known as Goth (or gothic). In the next Blog I'll reveal the Many Faces of Goth, and we'll explore each of those styles in depth in subsequent blog posts.  

Like many I was frustrated with waiting until commercial Halloween season to shop for home and garden decor. I've seen many posts on various social media sites reflecting that sentiment from others, too. I wanted an everyday option. So, when you have a problem, you need to create a solution and that is what I did. I always say, "where there is a will there is a way". 

That is why Solstice Gifts & Decor was born, to provide a design/shopping destination for people like myself. I'll offer decorating tips, design ideas and additional resources, as well as, the items I sell. I want high quality items for my home and garden, as I'm sure you do as well, and that is my mission to fill the pages of this site with really good products. Check out the one of a kind section: unique items for unique people. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, shopping and decorating with me. I'd love to develop a community through these pages, so please share pics with me along your journey. 

Best wishes!      

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